Rental Income Analysis Calculator

The Rental Income Calculator calculates the projected cash flow and the resulting profit or loss on rental property.

SolveIT! will calculate and prepare a detailed analysis for a rental income property. It allows for an inflation adjustment on rents, expenditures and property taxes. The value of the property can also be increased annually by an inflation factor.

An analysis of income with or without the affect of Federal income taxes can be done. One or two mortgages are supported. And either mortgage can be normal, fixed principal, or an interest only type. Points are also taken into account.

Depreciation is calculated using the MACRS method as recently revised. You may show or not show the impact of depreciation on the cash flow.

Anyone planning on purchasing a rental income property should use this calculator for planning their cash flow — and maybe more importantly, their projected profit on the rental property.

To preview a sample cash flow schedule before and after taxes that this calculator can create, pass your mouse over the lower screen image on the right.

Do you sell real estate? Or are you involved in the real estate industry? This calculator is ideal for real estate brokers, attorneys, accountants or real estate investors to use when advising prospective buyers on the feasibility of a rental property.

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