Present Value of a Series Calculator

If you win a court judgement and the judgement calls for a series of future payments to you, but you don't have confidence that the person or firm owing you the payments will be able (or willing) to pay them. You may decide to accept a single, lump sum payment as settlement. What should the amount be? This present value calculator will answer that question for you.

Or when you win the lottery, many states will give you the option of receiving the money in one lump sum or as a series of future payments. How do you know which is the best deal? The Present Value Of A Series Schedule will tell you.

The Present Value Schedule will tell you what money expected in the future is worth today. This calculator is used by attorneys, accountants, financial planners or anyone that wishes to buy a series of future payments.

The PV Schedule will show you many additional details besides just the present value. The PV of a Deposit is the PV value of the particular deposit. The Running PV is the PV of the cash flow stream up through a specified period. This allows you to determine the PV if you were only to receive 1/2 of the money due, for example.

As with all of our other schedules, the cash flow date and amount of money can be adjusted. If you want to know what payment and compounding frequencies are supported, please see the list of common features for all calculators.

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