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What is ROI?

ROI or Return on Investment calculates the percentage gained or lost on an investment.

Enter the "Amount Invested" and the date the investment was made ("Start Date"). Enter the total "Amount Returned" and the end date. Click the 'Calc' button.

You can change the dates by changing the number of days. Enter a negative number of days to adjust the "Start Date". Or as you change a date the "Number of Days" will update.

The results include the percentage gained or loss on the investment as well as the annualized gain or loss also expressed as a percent. The annualized return can be used to compare one investment with another investment.

Example: If you bought $25,000 worth of your favorite stock on January 2nd 2006 and sold it for $33,000 on June 30th 3007, you would have a gain of $8,000 which is 32%. The annualized gain is 21.5%.

Now, lets say you made a second investment on January 2nd, 2006. This time for $10,000 and you sold it for $11,000 on Feb. 1st, 2006. The gain is only $1,000 or 10%. However, annualized the gain is 117.8%. Ignoring risk (which can be very dangerous), one would generally consider the latter investment to be better than the former.


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Update 01/13/2013 (BETA): Changed underlying technology which is both faster and more reliable (fixed "Can't calculate result" problem that some people experienced). Added ability to adjust dates by adding / subtracting number of days. Please let us know of any problems — contact us

You can calculate an annualized rate of return using this ROI calculator. This calculator assumes one investment amount and one return amount.

Please click on the above "Help" button for details.

New: Online Internal Rate of Return calculator. Calculate an ROI for an investment that involves a series of cash flows (investment and withdrawals) such as when investing in a mutual fund or buying rental property.

Also, a user of this calculator may be interested in our online markup and discount percentage calculator. This calculator allows you to calculate what you would have to pay for an investment or sell an investment for in order to make a predetermined absolute percent return.

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Internal Rate of Return or IRR is an ROI calculation that involves multiple investments and/or withdrawals. The buying and selling of stock is typically a good example for when an IRR calculator would be used. Our IRR calculator allows you to enter multiple cash flows on exact dates and you can label them as well.

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