Free Online HTML Calculators for Your Website

We are currently offering, to the first 100 websites that can deploy them, over 30 calculators, free of charge (scroll down for details). Once the calculators are deployed on the first 100 websites, we will license them for public websites for an anticipated $1,000/year.

Our calculators for websites offer the following features that you and more importantly, your website visitors will appreciate:

  • The calculators can be hosted on either a UNIX or Windows web server with either PHP or Microsoft .NET installed.
  • Notice, when using our calculators, there is no screen "flash" after clicking the Calc button which can be caused by the screen being redrawn as often happens with other calculators. This is because we are using the latest Web 2.0 technologies.
  • The numeric entry works very much like a modern electronic calculator, i.e. digits enter from the right and move to the left (numeric entry does not have to be set this way). Also, thousand separators are automatically inserted into the number as the user types. There is no need for a user to count the zeros entered if they are entering say, $1,000,000.00.
  • Currency symbols are optional. The calculators can be configured for currency symbols to be on either the left or right of the number. We support many of the worlds currencies. The calculators have been specifically test at this point with the pound, yen and euro symbols.
  • The character used for the thousands separator can be configured by the local webmaster. We have tested commas, spaces and periods.
  • The character used for the decimal separator can also be configured. We have tested the period and comma character.
  • As you'll notice, all calculators pass both the W3C's XHTML v1.0 strict markup validation and CSS validation.
  • A website is free to style the calculators as they wish. The screens are 100% XHTML. Any competent web developer should be able to make the calculators look the way you want them to look. (We will even style the calculators for you. For a reasonable fee, of course.)
  • Along with the prior point, we want to point out that a web developer could deploy these calculators in a language other than English. (See the amortization schedule calculator translated into Spanish.)
  • The calculators have been tested with the following browsers: Microsoft's IE v6, v7 & v8, Firefox v2 & v3, Google's Chrome (various versions) and Apple's Safari (running on both Windows and Mac.). No problems or limitations have been found with any of these browsers.

Naturally, for all of the above, we require a couple of things from your site:

  • You must leave our copyright notice and two, very subtle, links in tact.
  • You may not either explicitly or implicitly imply that you are the developers of any of the calculators.

Please contact below. We'll put them on your website for you.

By the way, if you need a custom calculator for your web site, please contact us for a quote.

Installation Note

Having a problem installing these calculators?

If so, then please contact us. We may be able to install them on your site for you — free of charge!

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