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The Loan Calculator can quickly perform "what-if" analysis for any loan scenario. There are four values that will typically concern the user. They are (1) the amount of the loan; (2) the total periods or term of the loan; (3) the annual rate; and (4) the payment amount. It is your job to provide any three of the values and the loan calculator will solve for the fourth one. You may display up to five loan calculators on the screen at one time. Displaying multiple copies of a calculator makes what-ifs and side-by-side comparisons easy.

The Loan Calculator supports many different amortization methods.

  • Normal
  • Canadian
  • Fixed principal
  • Interest only
  • No interest
  • Rule-of-78s

This loan calculator also supports lease payment calculations. For lease calculations, set the payment method to "Advance".

The Loan Calculator is intended to give you a fast answer to a single question such as "how much money can I borrow if I want to pay $375 every two weeks?". If you want to produce an amortization schedule for a mortgage or car loan (for example) which shows the payment break-down between interest and principal and handles extra payments as well, please see our Flexible Amortization Schedule.

If you want to know what payment and compounding frequencies are supported, please see the list of common features for all calculators.

Here's our online loan calculator.

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