Balloon Payment Calculator

The Balloon Payment Calculator is a very fast, easy-to-use and flexible loan calculator which also handles balloon payments. The Balloon Payment Calculator will calculate what the regular payment amount needs to be to result in a given balloon for a particular payment number. It will also calculate the balloon payment amount when the user specifies the regular payment.

For example, assume that you have taken out a loan for $500,000, with an annual interest rate of 8 1/2%. If, after the 48th period, you want a $400,000 Balloon Payment due, you must make regular payments of $5,298.16 assuming a monthly payment period with monthly compounding and payments made in arrears.

Our new, enhanced Balloon Payment Calculator will solve for any one of five unknowns:

  • Regular periodic payment amount
  • Amount of loan
  • Final balloon payment amount
  • Period balloon payment is due
  • Interest rate

The Balloon Payment Calculator is one of our most popular calculators used by borrowers when they want to design their own custom loan. It makes what-if financial planning for loans fast and easy.

Our Flexible Amortization Schedule will produce an amortization table for a balloon loan.

Here's our online balloon payment calculator.

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