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Help with this Website

We publish a variety of financial calculators which run on Windows. These calculators, with a few exceptions, are not sold individually, but rather they are grouped together into one of several programs that run on a Windows computer.

This Website is designed to help you select the program that meets your needs. There are well over 100 Web pages for this site. Hopefully, we've made it easy for you to find what you want.

How to find what you want...

  • If you have heard about a particular program, and you want to know about its features, then click on of the calculator image at the top of any web page corresponding to the program that you heard about.
  • If on the other hand, you know you are after a particular type of calculator, let's say a future value calculator, then click on the calculator at the top of any page titled "Calculators for Windows", This takes you to a list of all calculators. Select "Future Value" from the list for details about the calculator. This list will also tell you what program(s) include this calculator.
  • If you've come to our site because you have a particular financial question, and you don't know what calculator you need to use, then click on the "What Solution is Best For Me?" button near the top of the home page. Find the scenario that most closely matches your question. There you'll find the name of the calculator to use.
  • Finally, if you can't find what you want, send us an email with your question.
Other pointers...

  • The most commonly asked question is what are the differences between our programs? To answer this question, go here.
  • Our software programs come with a very extensive help file. In fact the help file includes over 400 hundred help topics. We encourage you to try one of our programs. Sometimes that the's best way to learn. Here's where to download any program. (If you've never downloaded a program before, you'll find links to download instructions on the download page.)

We hope you find our site and our software programs useful.