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A savings calculator helps you to plan. You set a goal and it provides guidance and helps you to reach that goal. With any good compounded savings calculator the five most important inputs that you have to think about are: (1) the amount you have already saved (if anything); (2) what you expect to earn on your investments; (3) the number of periods you plan to make regular deposits; (4) the amount you plan to regularly save; and (5) and the goal amount you want to achieve.

The Pine Grove Software Savings Calculator will solve for any one of four inputs. (You either currently have some savings or you don't. Therefore it is not possible to calculate current savings — beyond adding up the money in various accounts of course.) With any of the other four inputs, you enter a zero for the one unknown value to indicate what you want calculated. This design gives you the ability to answer any of the following questions:

  • How much do I have to save regularly to reach my goal amount?
  • Assuming a regular savings amount of "X", how much will I have after "Y" periods?
  • How many more periods do I have to save to reach my goal?
  • What rate of return do I have to achieve to reach my goal in "X" periods?

And a Savings Calculator In Reverse

We think our savings calculator is a unique design. After you have planned out a strategy for reaching your financial goals, you can also use this calculator to see how long your goal amount will last once you start making regular withdrawals. How do you setup this calculation? It's simple.

Enter in the "Savings on Hand" your goal amount. Enter "0" for the "Number of Periods" Now, here's the secret. For the "Periodic Savings Amount" enter the amount you want to regularly withdrawal as a negative value. And, since you want to see how long the goal amount will last, that is, you are going to withdrawal "X" amount until the future value is zero, you are going to enter "0" as the goal.

Naturally, you can also calculate the amount you can withdrawal if you want to set the number of periods. Remember, if you are making monthly withdrawals and you want the money to last 30 years, then you would enter 360 for the "Number of Periods".

One other thing we should point out. If you set the "Savings on Hand" and the "Goal Amount" to the same value, enter an interest rate and any number of periods, the calculator will calculate a withdrawal amount equal to the interest earned in the period. If you use this amount as your withdrawal amount, then you'll never deplete your principal — that is, you'll never run out of money.

Here's our online savings calculator.

This calculator replaces the Payment Required Calculator that had been in SolveIT! v6.0.

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