How Real Estate Brokers & Agents Use Our Calculators

Real estate agents are frequently called upon to do financial calculations and analysis. They need to prepare amortization schedules or Regulation Z APR Disclosure Statements. Brokers can possibly even close a sale if they can prepare a cash flow analysis of a rental property. SolveIT! has been helping real estate agents with these tasks for over twenty years. Since the recent release of v6.0, SolveIT! now has over 40 calculators. The calculators are designed to do everything from the very simple, such as calculate a loan payment amount to prepare sophisticated cash flow schedules with changing amounts, rates and dates. Since SolveIT! includes C-Value!, you can even use its loan servicing abilities if you are going to underwrite a mortgage.

What SolveIT! Calculators Do Real Estate Agents Find Useful?

Let's start off by stating that SolveIT! is able to calculate loan amounts, payment amounts, terms, interest rates, as well as PV, FV, NPV & IRR. These are pretty standard financial calculations, and by themselves, they would not be a big deal. (Even though the way we have implemented these calculations gives you more flexibility than 90% of the calculators out there.) Where SolveIT! shines is in its analytical abilities. Let us just point out some of the calculators that real estate brokers typically find useful:

  • C-Value, The Cash Value Calculator: Create schedules with cash flows on any date. Use this calculator to service a mortgage.
  • Rental Property Cash Flow Analysis: Do you have clients that purchase rental property? If so, you can prepare for them a rental income cash flow analysis. Use this to see if a prospective property will be profitable. Takes into account various occupancy rates, a user determined inflation rate, taxes, and many more variables.
  • Loan Matrix Calculator: Prepare a matrix for clients as a handy reference to show them how much their payments will change as they consider differently priced properties.
  • Loan Comparison Adviser: Help a client compare two different loan offers.
  • Internal Rate of Return: This calculator calculates an annual rate of return. You can use it to assist a prospect in evaluating a property as an investment.

Naturally click on the above links for additional details and screen shots, and remember, the above are only a few of the more than 40 calculators that are included in SolveIT!. And while it is true that a number of the calculators may not be thought of as traditional real estate broker tools, it is also true that in today's market, the agent that gets the sale is the one that is able and willing to go the extra distance on behalf of the client.

You can download a free, fully functioning 21-day trial version of SolveIT! or anyone of our other programs. We do not even require any personal information from you — not even your email address — for you to take advantage of our evaluation offer. You will not be called, You will not be emailed. We won't even know who you are — that is until you place your order.

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