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This video presents an overview of IRR calculations and how to calculate a return on investment. It uses the buying and selling of stock as an example of how to setup IRR calculations. Additionally it demonstrates the IRR calculator in action and it discusses some of the new features that have been added which make data entry and correction easier (if you want to see the new features only skip ahead to the last 2 minutes of the video).

Clarification: When discussing the "initial investment amount" the narration states to enter the "account balance". The narrator should have said "total market value". That is, you would not include the cash balance in the "initial investment amount". Calculating a return on investment can become a little tricky as to what to include and what not to include. For example, we did not consider either short sales or dividends in this tutorial. Depending on the interest of our viewers, those are topics we may discussed in an update.

We will be releasing calculator specific videos tutorials throughout 2011. We would like to hear from you about what you think of these videos. What should we add? What should we leave out? We are torn between covering a lot of information in order to make it easier for users to learn all of the features and keeping them brief so that those who are just curious can get a quick overview of a calculators capabilities. Also, should we also discuss the calculation itself, as we have done here? Or just discuss the calculator and assume the viewers understand the uses of the calculation? Contact us.

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