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The Compound & Simple Interest Calculator is deceptive in its simplicity. Not that it is difficult to use, rather it is capable of doing more than what may initially be apparent. With this calculator, it is possible to calculate the interest between any two dates or for any number of days (well if the number of days don't exceed 32,767!) It supports 3 exact day methods of interest calculations (360, 364 or 365 day). Additionally, the calculator is very useful for performing calendar math.

For example, assume that you want to invest $10,000 in a money market fund for 90 days. The fund will pay a rate of 7.75%. What will be the interest that is earned over the 90 days? ($192.93 if the Exact/365 method is used along with continuous compounding or 192.91 with daily compounding etc.)

It is very easy to quickly calculate many different scenarios. Suppose that another institution is using the Actual/360 method for a rate basis but is offering 7.625% (7 5/8ths) compounded daily. Normally, a 360 day method will result in a bit higher of a return, on the other hand, 7.625% is lower than 7.75%. Use this calculator to see which yields the most interest.

The Compound & Simple Interest Calculator is capable of calculating the Annual Percentage Yield in compliance with The Truth-in-Savings Act. (The Federal Reserve's Regulation DD.) To be in compliance, you must set the rate basis to Exact/365. See Truth-In-Savings for additional important details.

The Compound & Simple Interest Calculator will not only allow you to audit the amount of interest you are receiving from a savings plan, you can also use it to audit the interest that you are being charged as you pay off a loan.

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