Financial Goal Planning Calculator

The Financial Planning Calculator lets you either design a savings plan to achieve a specific goal:

"I want to have an $8,500 income per month for 30 years. How do I invest my money today to achieve this?"

Or it will show what you can achieve given your current savings plan:

"I'm saving $750 a month. I plan to increase this by 3.0% each year for the next 24 years and I expect my rate of return to be 8.0%. What income can I expect as the result for the following 25 years? Or how long could I expect to receive a $6,000 a month income, assuming this investment plan?"

Financial Planning Calculator | Initial Assumptions

Initial Assumptions

Financial Planning Calculator | Setting a Goal

Setting a Goal

Financial Planning Calculator | Savings Plan

Savings Plan

Financial Planning Calculator | Cash Flow Schedule

Cash Flow Schedule

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This is a general purpose financial goal planning calculator. It can be used to financially plan for any future desire or obligation, but it is most frequently used for:

  • Planning for the purchase of a home
  • College planning
  • Retirement planning

The Goal Planning Calculator maintains two cash flows:

The savings or investment cash flow: To reach your goal you must save and invest. The contributions made to an investment plan is a series of deposits or investments which are made in order to reach some goal which itself is a cash flow. The Goal Planning Adviser supports the ability to adjust (increase or decrease) the amount of the investment.

The goal cash flow: The goal is the cash flow which is the series of withdrawals that will be available as the result of the investment cash flows. Typical examples of goals are college educations and retirement income. Both of these goals require, not a lump sum of money at some future date, but rather an amount of money which can still be invested, that provides a series of withdrawals. It is possible to invest the money during this time assuming a different (usually less aggressive) rate of return from the initial saving period.

To use this adviser, answer the questions about each cash flow. Enter zero '0' for the unknown value.

Financial Planning Chart | Savings Plan

Savings Growth

Financial Planning Chart | Spending Plan


Financial Planning Chart | Both Cash Flows

Both Cash Flows

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Yes, We Know There Are Free Financial Planning Calculators

So, why should you pay for ours? There are several good reasons. They boil down to "flexibility" and that means better "accuracy".

  • Solve for any unknown...solve for:
    • periodic savings amount needed to reach the goal
    • or what the withdrawal can be after the goal is reached
    • or how long it will take to reach the goal
    • or how long the withdrawal amount will last
    • or what rate of return is needed to reach the goal
    • or what rate of return is needed so that withdrawals will last as long as anticipated.
  • The calculator reflects real life situations. Plan for an increase in savings.
  • Make an allowance for inflation.
  • Set the withdrawal so that you only withdrawal the interest earned.
  • Use one rate of return for the savings cash flow and another rate of return (more conservative — if you desire) for the withdrawal cash flow.
  • Print both cash flows showing the savings amount followed by the withdrawal amount, and the interest earned for the period as well as the balance.
  • Charts visually tell the story.
  • Save your inputs and results to a file for later review.

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