Calculators for Windows — Common Features

Here's a list with descriptions for all calculators and a chart which compares our programs.

All calculators have these features in common:

  • Easy-to-Use : Just fill-in-the-blanks, answer each question and press the [Calc] button. No programming required.
  • Copy Results to Clipboard : Copy the results and paste them to a word processor, e-mail or spreadsheet program.
  • Print : Print all calculations including results, cash flow schedules and charts (when applicable).
  • Fast Data Entry : Calculators can optionally remember last calculation entered, even if you exit the program, so you may need to make only a few changes to the inputs when starting a new calculation.
  • More Fast Data Entry : You can optionally set your own default values, such as a default rate.
  • Local Currency Support : Displays money amounts using Windows' local conventions for currency symbols, thousands separator and decimal character.
  • Multiple Date Formats : Displays dates using Windows' local conventions. Supports mm/dd/yyyy, dd-mm-yyyy and others.
  • Extensive Help : If you don't understand what is meant by a requested input, just press [F1] and detailed help for the specific input will pop-up, or click on any calculator's Help button and to get an overview for that calculator.
  • Multiple Calculations : Make side by side comparisons by running up to 5 simultaneous instances of a calculator.

Where applicable, our calculators support the following payment or deposit frequencies:

  • Daily
  • Weekly - 52 periods per year
  • Biweekly - 26 periods
  • Twice monthly - 24 periods
  • Every 4 weeks - 13 periods
  • Monthly - 12 periods
  • Bimonthly - 6 periods
  • Quarterly - 4 periods
  • Semiannually - 2 periods
  • Annually

In addition to the above frequencies, the various schedules also support exact date periods and the ability to change payments, deposit and/or rates. For interest compounding, any one of the above frequencies may be selected or additionally you may select either:

  • Exact Day Simple Interest
  • Exact Day Compounded Interest
  • Continuous Compounding

Finally, the results from many calculators can be saved to a file. The data from all schedules (Amortization, FV, PV, Rental and Annuity) and all advisers (Break-Even, Buy vs Lease, Loan Comparison and Refinance) can be saved. Additionally, the data from those calculators which have more than just a few inputs (such as Budget and Net Worth calculators) can also be saved to a disk file.


All our programs are available to use free, for a 21 day trial period.

No personal information required.

No obligation.

No restrictions.

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