What we offer our affiliates

  • First and foremost, we offer high commissions. That's what you want to hear, right?
  • Just as importantly, we offer high quality software. SolveIT! has been marketed since 1985. Yes, that's not a mistake. 1985. It is used the world over by professionals — accountants, attorneys, financial planners, real estate agents and others. But additionally, our calculators are used by anyone who wants to utilize the flexibility that they offer when doing financial planning.
  • We offer a product that pays for itself — many times during its first use. Making the correct decision between two financial options can frequently mean the difference in thousands of dollars in interest charges or in the return on an investment. Our calculators help users make the correct decisions.
  • We'll help you sell our products. Want to write a blog entry? We can give you suggestions on what to cover.
  • We can provided dedicated affiliate support in real time via our 800# or by email.

As a special thank you — show us that you are promoting one of our programs for just three months, and we'll give you a fully licensed copy of SolveIT!. That's a $99.95 value.

Feel free to use our ads. Right click on the below ads and select "Save picture as...". Would you like to see a banner say something else. Let us know and we'll try to create one that meets your needs.

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Loan Servicing

Audit Payments

Confirm Balances

Don't Be Overcharged

Don't Under Collect

Do you need to confirm or record payments paid on a loan?

If so, then try C—Value! and our step-by-step
loan servicing tutorial.

Read about it.

Free Trial

Download a trial of SolveIT! to try this calculator.

No personal information required.

No obligation.

No restrictions.

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